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Our Projects

Asameneuw (staff) preaching to a crowd of children

Bible Teaching

We are partnering with three local churches and two local schools in Sodo. Our staff and volunteers teach the children the Word of God during our monthly program.

Food Distribution

Streets of Hope is providing 150 food boxes to vulnerable children and their families in partnership with two local churches.

young boy carrying a bag full of food to feed his family for the month
young girl holding her report card.jpg


We are building a school in the the countryside. We believe that an education is necessary to break the cycle of poverty and give children a better future. Therefore, we provide education, school supplies, uniforms, and offer a tutoring program.

Safe Housing

Alongside our partners, Hope Project International, we are installing cement floors so that families are no longer living on dirt.

young boy eating and laughing.JPG


Our goal is to meet the urgent needs of the children and families in our program. We want every individual to have access to the healthcare they need.

Spiritual Training

Streets of Hope is partnering with three local churches by equipping volunteers to meet the spiritual and practical needs of children in the community.

Man speaking to crowd - back of shirt has streets of hope logo.JPG
boys lined up against the wall smiling.JPG

Community Center

We want to provide the resources needed to build a self-sufficient community. Our goal is to build a Community Center that will create more jobs and generate sustainable income.

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